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Hydraulic Press Sale

Hi all,

This was posted on the Discussion Group at I thought I’d share it here, since it
is a great opportunity for a Bonny Doon hydraulic press at a great


Lee Marshall

Several changes are going to occur on the first of the year.
Among them is the following: The standard press (125.703) that I
have been making for the last 15 years has been made obsolete
by the new 20 ton TALL (125.600). I am closing out the old
version at 20% off. The normal retail for these is $695 and is
the price that I have maintained for its entire life. The sale
price is $556. I have fif teen in stock, and when they are gone,
I will not be making anymore. This is an excellent buy, if you
don’t intend to use the press for the 6" deep draw work. In my
case, since the tall version does everything that the standard
unit does, plus the 6" set, I want to make just one version,
and not maintain duplicate inventories. If you purchase before
the 1st of the year (when the 10% price increase kicks in) the
$556 price is valid. After the 1st, the price goes to $611.