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Hunting red carving wax

I was tidying up the studio the other day (don’t faint) and I found
a carving from some time back. I know I did it on my mill so I know
the wax came in a think plank. What I don’t know is where the wax
came from. It’s red. It looks like it milled cleanly - better than
the green or purple. I’m looking for planks in 3, 4.5, 6mm. Maybe
8mm too. Has anybody seen red wax in planks/slabs/tablets? They need
to be 90mm or more long.

I’d figure it didn’t exist (since I can’t find it in catalogs or
on-line) if I didn’t have the piece in my hand.

Thanks - Justine

Might check with Kindt Collins in Ohio. They are a major manufacturer
of waxes and I bet they would have what you are after.

John Dach

It used to be sold as Kerr Jewelers’ “Master Pattern Carving Wax”. It
may still be available; I don’t know.


What about getting in touch with Kate Wolf? Rio carries her wax
carving tools and she knows EVERYTHING about wax.

Mary Atwater
Jewelry for the Journey

i just restocked wax tubes in red wax from progress tool on so.
olive st in los angeles they were on sale - goo


I use a wax called Sierra Red injection wax (I’ve heard it called
Sierra Red carving wax), that comes in blocks or planks. The only
place I’ve found it is at Sassounian in downtown Los Angeles. Maybe
this is what you’re looking for? It’s softer than the normal “hard
carving” waxes. The melting point is lower so you can add with it
easily. It is not sticky at all like the red wax found in the can.

If you send me a pic of yours I can tell you if it’s the same stuff.

Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge