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Hungary Jewelry Attractions

I’m going to Hungary next week and was wondering if there are any
Orchid members there? And any suggestions of what to see?

I’m also going to Italy and the UK and have checked the archives for
those countries, but I’m pretty sure there has been nothing on

in Melbourne where the signs of Spring are here


I was there in '97, so things have probably changed more than a
little. (given the way they were building…)

I wasn’t strictly on a jewelry oriented trip, but I did stop by the
National History Museum in Budapest, and was really blown away by
their historical jewelry and metalwork collection. What most
Americans forget is that Hungary was a pretty European country until
the 1500’s, and the Celts went through there on the way to Ireland,
so there’s lots of really interesting bronze age and medieval
metalwork. Much of it that’s never been published in the west. They
had some really outstanding stuff that I’d never seen before, and
late iron-age and medieval jewelry is really my thing. I was also
really impressed by the staff at the museum: the floor of the
rotunda had collapsed, and the roof apparently leaked like a sieve.
Yet every single piece that I looked at in there was clearly and
correctly labeled in three languages. (Magyar, English and German.)
I’ve seen much larger museums do much worse with much more money.
Definitely worth a stop if you have the time. (And are into
historical metalwork.)

Have fun.
Brian Meek.


There are way to many things to see over there, so I will try to
tell you a few.

You have to go and see the Parliament house. You can go inside and a
have a guided tour. Inside everything is covered in 24 carat gold.
Including the walls. You will find our original crown on display.

If you want to see the best shops in town you will have to go to
Vaci Ut, which is in Pest. Dont buy anything there, just look.

Then you can go over to Buda and have a look at the castle district.

About a half hour tram ride away from the city you will find a
little town called Szent Endre, which is nothing but arts and crafts.
You have a lot of ceramic, paintings and jewelery.

Also there are lots of little markets everywhere. But most of all go
to the wineries in Tokai.

You can have a look at my brothers web site for some samples of the
stock at the markets.

Cant think of anything else, but if you have any questions, let me
know. I know the place too well as I was born there.