How Your Bench Can Bolster Bridal sales?

Hi. Freelance writer Debbie Yonick on deadline as usually looking
for help for a story. I write a bench column for Canadian Jewellery
Business Magazine and the theme of the upcoming issue is on Bridal. I
thought I’d like to tackle the topic: How Your Bench Can Bolster
Bridal sales and offer tips to custom jewelers in ways to close
sales, enhance sales, create repeat sales in bridal by using your
bench more effectively, more creatively, etc… I have been keeping
this column to be more of a tips and tricks piece offering lots of
bench ideas from jewelers instead of showing how to do a procedure
per say from start to finish. I do not need lengthy explanations and
would be glad to chat via phone on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week
(Happy Valentine’s Day) if available. Just tell me when and where to
call. If emailing, please note full name,your title, biz name, and
location. Images that could illustrate you reply are welcome and
needed. Any help you can share would be appreciated and prominently
recognized in the column.

Thanks HUGE!


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