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"How, When & Where of using your reciprocating hammer'


I just posted my 81st technical essay to my blog! It describes all of the many uses in using this fantastic setting tool. This new essay contains 26 photographs and some of them are shown here.below! I show in detail many of its varied uses of a ‘reciprocating hammer’ and the various anvil head formations. I suggest that this setting tool is to be one of the best inventions any setter has in their tool inventory. Go and read for yourselves! Enjoy, Enjoy!


where can I find it? Would love to read this.


Hi Joanne

The essay you were asking for on the “Reciprocating Hammer” is so very easy to find. My 83 essays can “always” be found there and you just have to ‘click’ the link above my “signature name!”…:>) Easy?

***Gerry Lewy ***



thank you!


Thanking me, why? It was you that read my essay and I hope that it gave you much more good and useful information.

I avoided using the hammer name directly (Bedaco) as I don’t want to get into trouble in not mentioning other good setting hammer instruments. Some of them were mentioned a few days ago!