How to use laser welder?

We are in the process of acquiring a (second hand) laser welder and
I would like to know the best source(s) of on how to use
the damn thing. I’ve never used one, but I am certainly excited by
the prospect. I just want to do it right. Thank you all for any and

“Something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to…”

BK in AK

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I would contact the manufacturer of the Laser Welder, chances are
they have someone who can come out and train you how to use it.

It is an amazing machine. It does not do everything but it helps
amazingly to "tack’ things in place before you solder and once you
get hooked, there is no turning back.

It gives us a chance to “think outside the box” so to speak. The
things you can do are limitless.



See if you can get some back issues of “Bench” magazine. There are
some great articles on the use of the laser. But once you get it
figured out you will love that laser!



Laserstar offers training in 4 facilities around the USA. I believe
they are in Los Angeles, Austin, Orlando, and of course RI. There web
site is Or they will send someone to you, for private
training, but extremely expensive. Feel free to email me privately
for more Please put laserstar training in the subject


Crafford in Providence, RI offers a chance to use the laser at one
of their operations for people interested in possibly purchasing
their lasers, a one day course for those who are currently
purchasing, and they offer a two day advanced course for those with
some experience, not just with their machines. You might try
contacting them. The process is pretty simple to pick up, it just
takes time and experience with your laser to gain some confidence. At
many of the trade shows, exhibiting laser manufacturers will give you
a chance to sit and try their machine. I sat my new employer down for
2 hours this last Thursday, and with no previous laser exposure he
was going to town by the end of that time. Not quite ready to take on
real jobs yet, but he quickly found confidence working on the scrap
pieces that I set up simple “repairs” for him to try. I find just
"playing" with scraps and experimenting has taught me far more than
the few actual “teaching” situations I’ve been at. If there is
another laser operator near you, that wont be threatened by you,
maybe they can sit with you for the short time it takes to gain the
basic understanding, and you can take it from there yourself.

I believe that operating the laser welder is one of the more easier
machines in the jewellery machinery set up a complete plug and play

Let me know if anyone needs any literature on the same subject
Please feel free to mail me privately

Regan Mithani

BK what make of laser is it? That kinda makes a difference.

J Morley Goldsmith Laserwelding

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a laser welder for your jewelry projects? We recommend: