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How to size a non-round ring?

hi all, i’m wondering if anyone can give guidance on how to size a
non-round ring? does it work if the ring is sized in the round and
then re-shaped?

thank you to all.

If you mean that ring has modern squarish profile, there are
mandrels available. It is also possible to size irregular ring by
careful hammering using regular round mandrel. Simply use small
section of the cone and keep rotating the ring.

Leonid Surpin

You need to know two things: The size the ring is now and the size
you want it to be. Without a malleable, soft ring mandrel you can use
your fingers and those of your co-workers to find a finger that fits
the ring, then measure the finger. There are 2.5mm per size on the

It’s worked for me to make the ring round, size it, then carefully
alter the shape. You have to be careful because altering the shape
may well stretch it a bit. I’;ve mostly done this from round to
"finger-shaped" rings (a rounded trapezoid).

Amanda Fisher

Anne- We always have paper mandrels in our shop. We make them out of
paper sacks wrapped around a steel mandrel and then marked and

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Best tool I’ve seen to do this are the synclastic pliers made by
Miland Seuss - You can get them in a
variety of sizes for rings and bangles - website says that they are
perfect for rings. Also worth checking out the anticlastic ones -
work a treat - mini videos on the site explain the process.

Hilary Sinclair