How to ship pen plating equipment?

I’m trying to buy soem used pen plating equipment and the seller
(in another state) says the UPS folks and trucking companies
both gave him the idea it was impossible because the pens
contained cyanide! My impression of plating technology was that
pen platers specifically did NOT produce cyanide gas and plating
procedures do so only in some instances after acids were
introduced, mixed, etc. - during the actual dipping type of
plating procedure.

I can’t believe it’s impossible to ship this stuff. If it were,
there would be no national business or mail order catalog sales
of such materials and there clearly are such sales.

Can somebody direct me to the procedures whereby one ships such
materials as the rectifier and pens in the typical pen plating
setup? Actually, it’s the pens giving trouble. Nobody objects to
shipping the rectifier, it’s just electrical equipment.

Some pen plating solutions do indeed contain cyanide. Usually
it’s in a small amount. It is perfectly legal to ship it, but
UPS and other carriers have restrictions on the amount and they
also require special labeling and special packaing. Your seller
should call the manufacturer to find out the percentage of
cyanide in the pen plating solution and then UPS can charge the
appropriate hazardous shipping charge for that amount.

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin