How to sell what you make

A while ago, I purchased a copy of Paul Gerhards: How to Sell What You Make from Abebooks through Amazon. They had it for a low price,
so I clicked on ‘Buy now’, but then a message came up that this book
was not available for that price. However, it could be bought for a
little more, so I clicked on ‘Buy now’ again and the same message
came up again. Oh well, the book could still be bought for a price
that was not so low anymore, but okay, not being too pleased with
this service, I bought it. The following days I received three copies
of the book! I wrote them an e-mail, but to no avail. Anyway, I am
still the proud owner of three copies of a book which gives a lot of
very sensible I don’t particularily like to read it,
because I am far more interested in fabrication and technical and
creative things. I guess that holds for many of us. However, we need
to be business people too. You can have a copy for $ 6.50 plus
shipping from PA. I won’t send you two copies and you would increase
my sales. Best regards, Will (@W_Denayer).

Umm, not such a good marketing text …