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How to ruin a business?

All it takes is one person on the ‘front-desk’ to be rude to the
customers. This woman who is taking in orders for a casting company
in Toronto needs lots of H. R. training. The owner even sees a minor
slowing down at the ‘front desk’ ordering.

I took the problem to the ‘owner’ in private last week & told her
many of my peers shared my same feelings. This owner heard this again
from another source. either she will be put this woman into a
back-of-the shop scene, or just ‘let go’…period! When I was just
ordering simple waxes, she kept asking me “why so many & why do you
need them?” I got to the point of totally avoiding any discussion
with her. I felt like saying to her to “butt-off”…The owner is
investigating this whole problem & ‘heads might be rolling’ right
after the Xmas season slows down. If this is done, I will definitely
then return to them. not before!!! Gerry