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How To Reach a Jewelry Related Social Community

The most trusted way for Jewelers, Artists, Craftsmen & Metalsmiths
to discover state-of-the-art products and services has fundamentally
changed. Word-of-mouth has become a Metalsmith’s most efficient way
of learning about new products and services. (Personally, I am much
more likely to try a new product or service if it is recommended by a
fellow Artist than by reading marketing-hype in a product brochure. I
avoid months of trial & error by following the advice of my more
experienced peers.)

Recent studies have shown that sales resulting from direct Social
Networking, have increased 37% in the last 6 months.

Social Networking has excellerated word-of-mouth testimonials to
phenomenal proportions. If I need help with a particular problem and
post a query in The Orchid Forum, public responses from my peers
will not only be read by me, but potentially by thousands of others,
on the internet, interested in the same topic. When I talk about
something favorably, or negatively, for that matter, in The Orchid
Forum I’m potentially reaching thousands or even hundreds of
thousands of people. And that’s just through my single, humble post.

How can a Company, who provides products and services valuable to
the Gem and Jewelry Manufacturing Community, benefit from Social
Networking such as the daily Orchid Digest or Blogs?

LISTEN to what the Jewelry Manufacturing Social Community
(Ganoksin Members) are saying in their daily Blogs and posts on
the Orchid Digest.

Read their Blogs about what products and services they are
using. Is your product/service better? More economical? Easier to
use? Identify the “pain points” of Jewlers & Metalsmiths, and
provide solutions to their problems. Your message will spread
like wild-fire through The Orchid Community. As a Social
Community, contains a wealth of that
blows traditional marketing out of the water. By monitoring The
Orchid Community posts and Ganoksin Blogs, you will learn what
products/services the jewelry manufacturing community need, and
how to reach them.

How can you contribute to this specific Jewelry-Related Social

Contribute valuable articles that provide solutions to the
Orchid Community pain-points. Social Networking is about
Community. And communities thrive when experts-in-their-field
contribute valuable infromation. Orchid Members love to offer
meaningful to their peers who are looking for
solutions to their problems. It’s a feel-good kind of thing
that’s incredibly effective. If you have products/services that
are relevant to the life-blood of Metalsmiths & Craftsmen, you
can monitor their “pain points” on this Social Network and offer
technical solutions to the entire Community. Your techical
expertise will be evaluated and discussed.

It’s all about Sharing. You can share your content in The Orchid
Community Forum through sponsored Text Ads in the daily Orchid
Digest. Orchid Community Members, of course, will decide if they like
what you have to offer enough to pass it on to others, but once that
decision is made, you are reaching thousands of others through a
trusted Social Network. How can you be sure that your message is not
only absorbed, but embraced, passed along, and viewed as valuable?
Contribute technical articles and Join the community by
Sponsoring ads on and in The Orchid daily Digest. You
will be heard!

Feel free to contact us if you would like more on how to
support The Orchid Community through Sponsor ads on

Virginia Vivier
Online Advertising Consultant, The Ganoksin Project
Email: @Virginia_Vivier1
Direct Phone Line: 1-520-616-8683