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How to plate rhodium over shell jewelry


Jewelry Platers:

I have an interesting problem being posed to me by a customer in
Asia: They want to plate Rhodium over silver jewelry made with
natural shell: (oyster, mother of pearl, etc) We know that high
temperature, high current, and acetone (for removal of any lacquers)
causes the nice color and shiny finish to be badly degraded. For
example, the deep colors get washed out and the natural surface
shine is lost.

We have done small trial runs using lacquers and wax, with poor
results…any ideas?


Glenn Thompson


The plating solution contains acids which will dissolve the shell in
no time at all. A photoetching stop out may work but these are
normally used at 30 deg C not the60 deg C most plating baths run at.

Nick Royall