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How to oxidize silver filigree?

Hi all,

I recently repaired some stirling silver filigree jewelry that had
alot of black detail in crevices (oxidization?) in the piece. After
pickling, now it’s all gone.

How can I get the black detail back into the crevices? Liver of
Sulphur plus tumbling or some other method of selectively removing
the deposited oxide from the LoS? (Leaving the oxide only in the
detail areas.)

I’m open to suggestions.

Angelo Giaimo

Liver of sulphur will work…then do a light buffing (no brush) this
will take the surface off but leave the black in the crevices… then
either tumble or buff with fabuluster or zam or similar. If it isn’t
too much trouble, it might be good to ‘de-oxidize’ the other earring
and reox both at the same time to make the appearance match