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How to operate a titanium anodizer?

I have been offered the gift of a titanium anodizer about 12 years
old. There are no operating instructions. I understand that
significant voltage is involved. Can anyone tell me how to learn how
to use it safely?

Thank you - Betsy Porter
739 Ellsworth Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Hello Betsy,

Order a brochure at the about
anodizising This explain everything.


Betsy… please, before you do anything with your anodizer, get
in touch with Bill Seeley, Reactive Metals:Clarkdale, Az. : e-mail: 800-876-3434. Bill prob. knows more about Ti
than anyone else in the world.


Contact the manufacturer to see if they still have the original
user’s manual available. Besides contacting Reactive Metals and Bill
Seeley, get Toika Bridges’ video, Anodizing Titanium and Niobium, now
sold by Rio Grande. The safety instructions were quite clear and thorough.