[How to] New Store Promotions

Hello, I have found that the very best advertising that I have ever
done was the simple act of donating an item to a charity auction.
Usually the charity makes a brochure and allows your to place a
business card sized ad in the brochure as well as having a write up
about your company along with the auction item. Everyone has done
this, from donating little sterling necklaces and charms for teacher’s
appreciation to big time fundraisers with thousand dollar items. A
famous jeweler said one that for every dollar he gave away, ten walked
back through the door. People are starting to “find” my shop ever
since I became a known donor to charitable events.

Chris Campisi
Shreveport, LA

Chris: I couldn’t agree more. I started doing donation pieces about 8
years ago and can directly trace between $150,000 to $200,000. in
sales generated from referals from the donation or from people who saw
or bought the items. Not all donations return sales but they all do
provide a source of income that is needed by the non-profit community.
I have always considered it a win win situation and donate 5to 8
pieces a year. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy to. Frank Goss