How to mend ring shank

I made a ring with faceted stone and prongs. But now find the shank was not properly soldered to the setting. Should I re-solder with the stone in using Kool-Jool? I have a tub of it but have never tried it. Does it work? The stone is moissanite.

Moissanite can take the heat of soldering, so you probably don’t need to pull the stone or to use the Kool-Jool. But here’s the caveat. You should never heat up a stone that is irreplaceable. So it’s up to you. If you’re nervous, pull the stone and reset it after soldering. Kool-Jool will act as a heat sink and make the ring take longer to heat up and cause other issues. It’d be great to see a picture or two of the ring and where it’s broken though. Then we’d know for sure what’s best to do.



Thank you so much-that is very good news! I was not looking forward to taking it apart. I’m not good at photographs of jewellery but the gap is at the top just next to the setting.