How to manage the high traffic of orchid


A while ago Dave Stephens suggested “filtering” the incoming
mail to handle the high traffic of Orchid.

I would like to explain for those who don’t know how to set up
their email program how to set this option.

most of the off line line email programs have a filtering
option, (including some of the web based email services like
hotmail or yahoo)

to set a filtering rule is a 2 step operation with only 5 clicks
and very easy -

first you should create a in your email program a new folder to
contain the incoming mails from orchid. so name it Orchid or
whatever you prefer.

find out where in your email program you can set the email
filtering rules.

create a new filtering rule: If subject line contains [Orchid]
or sender (From) contains than MOVE to the
message to the new folder you have just created.

I am using Pegasus mail, which is the best (and free!) mail
program for windows 3.1/95/98/NT that can be freely downloaded

Give it a try

Hope it will make your stay with us more enjoyable :slight_smile:


Another way of “filtering” the messages received by Orchid is to
organize them by Subject. This is, I believe, an option on most email
programs where messages are received, along with date, person…
When you press “Subject,” all the Orchid messages are grouped in
similar subject topics, so you can easily read all the topics of
interest and visa-versa. Your personal messages will also organize
either at the top or end of the list of Orchid messages. This has
made me quite happy.

San Diego.

Filtering your messages really is the best way to handle the high
e-mail traffic here. That way, if you leave for a day or two, you
don’t have to hunt through your e-mail in box to try to find the few
personal messages in among the couple hundred Orchid messages.

If you’re going away for more than a few days, I suggest
unsubcribing, then resubscribing. It’s as quick as an e-mail and a
visit to the Ganoksin site. I’ve done this a few times and found
that, because the threads tend to get played out for several days, I
came back feeling like I didn’t miss much. (and there’s always the

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How do you ‘filter’ mail? I would like to be able to sort out the
technical questions. Ettagale