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How to make a Wax Dob!

This new & just uploaded video of 18 minutes in duration was
initiated at my recent client/students workshop only 2 days ago. I
thought of putting this exercise into a video ‘on the spot’. I was in
a hurry to put the filming into a proper sequence, so if anything
seems slightly disjointed. you can blame me!!!

I did this process so many decades ago, & was surprised how
fantastic it looks from a setters eyes after so many (45) years. This
process hasn’t even changed & with mixing the ‘charcoal dust’ in a
coffee cup lid with bee’s-wax. amazing!

So you all on Orchid, can now see how these wax-dobs can be made at
your own shop. Just keep the dust out of your mouth while grinding
the charcoal. a. k.a. yuck!

Gerry Lewy