How to make a Silver Whistle

Follow up on “New topics on the Orchid Blogs”

About a year or so ago, I was commissioned to make a whistle in
the shape of a Christian Cross. My customer is a captain of a
racing yacht, and he uses the whistle to communicate with his crew
when they race. I made about five or so models before I got the
pitch and volume right.The end result looked like this.... 
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You never know who you are going to touch or how.

My Mother-In-Law is 85 years old and lives with me and my wife. The
other night I woke up to a strange muffled sound. I got up to look
for the cat that was locked in the kitchen cabinet or whatever it
was, only to find my M-I-L lying on the floor, in pain and near panic
having fallen down after a short trip to the loo (isn’t that the
British word for wassercloset?). She was all out of breath from
trying to holler for help, unable to make a sound louder than a
cooing dove. She had been there for hours. Fortunately, she was not
seriously hurt, but I was still horrified. Even after that episode,
she refuses to wear and use one of those alarm buttons, she claims
they are for old people. Go figure. I decided to make her a silver

So, off to the Internet I go and find that there is absolutely
nothing about the dimensions of a bosun’s whistle, or at least I
couldn’t find anything. I figured it was time to start experimenting.
Didn’t think to look on Ganoksin (duh) or ask the folks on Orchid
(double duh). I mean, who’s gonna make a silver whistle and then take
the time to photograph it, write a tutorial and then post it?

Turns out, Hans Meevis would. He made a really nice silver whistle,
and then took the time to share the How-I-Did-It with all of us. Not
only that, but Hanuman took the time to let us all know what’s new on
the blogs so we could find it.

Thank you Hans, you saved me at least 100 square inches of 20 gauge
sheet and fifty hours of fooling around (that I don’t have). Even
then I don’t know that I could’ve figured it out to the extent you
have. Your timing was perfect.

Thank you, Hanuman et al, for providing the forum that allows this
kind of communication.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Thanks to all of the
Orchid community for sharing so freely. You guys rock!


Once again the old man comes up astounded. Why you ask? Well, it
started with reading the “making a Whistle” post in the blogs and
continued to Hans piece on bells, and from there… This is one of
the greatest resources I’ve ever come across and I thank you one and
all for sharing. And Hans, thanks for helping me smile. Peace.