How To Make A Metal Mold

I recently ran across an interesting product in the Shor
International Jewelry website on making Metal Molds. You can find it
at (this is not an advertisement)

The product is advertised as “Shor Lok-Blok Metal Mold Making” and I
was interested in finding out more. So, I called and was informed
that I had to buy the system in order to find out how it works. In
other words it appears that they value the instruction sheet as
highly as the product that they sell to accomplish the making of
metal molds from pewter or low melt alloys.

They show an example of a 50 year old mold that is multipart with
removable cores made from a round mold frame of some sort.

I have done a web search and cannot find any history of how this is
accomplished in other than a production environment using CNC or
some other tool and die process.

They did try to explain the process in order to satisfy my curiosity
but didn’t give me a confidence level that would permit me (spousal
intervention) to invest in excess of $150 to try something.

I have also looked for used equipment that is either the same as or
like the product that they sell.

I know in the vast experience of this group that there is an answer
just waiting for the question I’m about to ask.

Where can I find more