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How to make a Bracelet Grill

I would like to put a decorative grill on the inside of my bangles &
pendants & inside my heavier ring bands.

Can anyone give me some how-to instructions on how to do this? Is the
grill carved & cast?..Or is it a laser cut grill or saw pierced by
hand? I’d like to cave them out of wax & have them cast for
production but I worry that the grill would be too heavy. Also =AD
the detail I want to carve probably wouldn’t cast very well. (A lot
of open work & very lacy) I work with castings - I love the way Barry
Kieselstein Cord’s grills look on his work. How does he do it? Also -
How do I get my logos stamped into the wax without having to hand
stamp each piece of jewelry? Some jewelers have a nice clear makers
mark that looks cast into the piece. Would I buy a fairly large steel
stamp that would be easy to see in the casting? Any information
anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You in advance
Mary R.

I would like to put a decorative grill on the inside of my bangles
& pendants & inside my heavier ring bands. 

Mary, Mary, Mary… Some people just can’t ask easy questions…;}
Putting grills on the inside of bracelets, pendants and rings are
three different things, actually. And then the question is WHAT
bracelet, WHAT ring, etc. And - what production? Let’s suppose you
have a hollow bangle bracelet. To make one bracelet you can make the
outside in wax, put a pierced plate on the inside of it, and cast it.
Problem is, there’s no way to finish the plate in the details,
there’s no way to clean inside the bracelet (under the plate) or
remove the stray air bubble. There’s also no way to mold it, as the
rubber is bigger behind the plate - you’re not going to pull the
hollow bracelet part through your piercing successfully. The only
practical way to do it is to make pierced plates and solder them in
place. You can use wax if you want but as you say it will have to be
fairly stout to cast it, plus you need to pay attention to spruing.
For a model it will have to be two part - the body with a place for
the plate, and the plate itself. It’s a very elegant way of finishing
off a piece of jewelry, but I’m afraid there’s really no shortcut.
Having a plate on a bracelet with a scruffy raw casting behind it is
worse than no plate at all. Ideally it should be a window to a
polished surface…

Thanks for all the useful I really appreciate it- By
production I mean I like to carve & cast my jewelry (multiples) as
opposed to making one of a kind. I don’t do the kind of production
on a large scale that You are talking about! (I just have my own
little shop) :slight_smile: I wanted to carve a bangle in wax - either one solid
piece or more than one piece & cast the pieces - then I wanted to add
a grill to the back after I finished cleaning up the bangle… My
question is how to make the pierced plate? I would prefer to carve
it from wax which would be easiest for me but I’m afraid of it being
too heavy - I’ve seen grills on bracelets that look fairly thin &
light. & as You said the spruing would be tricky but I don’t cast my
own jewelry so I guess I could leave that problem up to my caster…I
assumed that putting a grill on the inside of my wider ring bands was
the same process. (Casting & soldering it on)

Mary R