How to make 22ct solder

Does anyone know how to make 22ct solder? How much Zince do you use
and is Zinc the only metal that goes into the solder outside of the
siver copper alloy?


Raakhi Rana
Jewellery Designer
Gurgaon India

Hello Rakhi,

The gold + zinc 22ct solder contains: for a 100gms solder Au(gold)
91.66gms + Zn(zinc) 8.34gms

other then zinc, cadmium can be used but since it is highly toxic,it
is not recomendable.

Hitesh Satikunvar

Hello Rakhi,

Would advise to use Legor 22 K. cadmium free solder alloy, it is
easy to use just add the % of the alloy to 999 gold and then run it
in to strip, the solderalloy also comes for hard medium and easy
soldering works.

Khushroo kotwal

thanks Khushroo,

what i dont understand is what Legor 22k is and where to get it…

i have actually made some solder currently and what i did was, i
took the 22kt gold and added 8.4% zinc of the weight of the gold and
made hard solder…it seems to be working fine…doesnt run as nicely
as some of the bought solders i have tried but i guess trial and
error seems to help a lot in this type of work…

Please do let me know the anwser to the question above…thanks

Take care


Legor is the name of the company that sells master alloys for all
Karats of gold for all colours and also solder alloys for all karats.
Have used the 18 and the 22 K. solder (cadmium free) alloy and it
works well. Legor has a representation in India (if you are from
here) would gladly give you the contact number if required.