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How to harden mild steel

Some time ago, someone was asking if it were possible to harden an
inexpensive small anvil. I had recommended a case hardening powder
and a bonfire :-). I recently purchased a wonderful collection of
hints, tips and techniques published by the Michigan Artist
Blacksmith’s Association, hereafter known as MABA in this post. In
this collection was an incredible description of a hardening process
that claimed to be able to impart hardness of Rockwell 43 - 45 on
mild steel (confirmed by Sandia National Labs). What does this mean
to the non-technical layman? It means you can make a cold chisel out
of a piece of hot-rolled A-36 mild steel (a common non-tool
application steel) that will then cut through the same untreated A-36
six or seven times without losing its edge. That takes more than a
surface hardness. It would have to be hardened all the way through
to accomplish this. If anyone has an interest in hardening a
heretofore unhardenable steel article, e-mail me and I’ll send you
the recipe.

Hi Dave, I would like to have your recipe for hardening mild
steel. Thanks for sharing. Vince LaRochelle, Eugene, OR

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Dave, I would love to have your on hardening steel.
In addition to using to to make tools for my jewelry making, I
volunteer at a local museum and they are always in need of
chisels and other tools in the paleantology department. Thanks a
bunch for being willing to share your Don Dietz, South Florida.