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How to harden dried plant mattere

  • I have some fairly thick dried seed pods and plant matter I want
    to incorporate into a necklace. But I need to soak them in something
    to harden and seal it before setting them.

Maybe varnish or some such thing…I just know some of you jewelry
geniuses can suggest some solution to this problem.

Many, many thanks for any help you can give me.

Sharron in still cold central Mexico dreaming of summer.

I use Liquitex gloss or matte medium. I thin it with water and soak
the plant in it, drying it on a piece of nonstick like parchment

Janet Kofoed

In the UK we have a thing called wood hardener, used to harden
rotten windowframes etc prior to filling. Ronseal is the biggest
brand name but I think there are other makes.

The product is like a very thin clear glue. It penetrates the fibres
and then sets hard. Maybe you have something similar available

John in beautiful, historic but forever rainy Dartmouth, Devon.

Super glue will work. Apply it with a fine brush, repeat as
necessary. Wod hardener, a very thin finish, is available at
hardware stores. Gene