How to get your purchases home from Tucson '03

Hi Orchidians, Although this option has limitations, you could mail
or UPS boxes of your purchases to yourself. If you plan to do this,
take a few durable (knocked-down) shipping boxes and strapping tape
with you. Contact the PO or UPS office when you get to Tucson to
find their hours of business & and plan accordingly. Judy in Kansas

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UPS is set up at several of the shows. The dealers will make
arrangements to ship your items for you. Lee

If you plan to do this, take a few durable (knocked-down) shipping
boxes and strapping tape with you. 

Actually both FedEx and UPS have numerous locations set up at most
of the shows in Tucson to ship stuff from. They provide all of your
shipping needs (boxes, labels, etc.). I almost always shipped all my
purchases home. It is just a safer option in general.

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Hi Gang, FWIW: There are going to be a couple of Mail Boxes Etc (maybe
other companies as well) set up at some of the Tucson shows. They’ll
have the packing materials at their booths. Things will be packed at
the booth & UPS, FedEX etc stop by the booths to pick up the
shipments. I don’t know if they charge a premium price for this
service or not. I don’t recall where they’re all located, but, I
know one is usually located the far left corner of the Event Center
at the Rodeway.

Another option is packing a few Prioity Mail boxes in your luggage.
Then packing your own stuff for shipment home. You could also
probably do the same thing on the way out. Ship the stuff Prioity
Mail to yourself at the ho/motel you’re staying at. You might want
to check with them to see if they’d hold it for your arrival before

Usual disclaimers, just offering a couple of ideas.