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How To Get The Smoothest Bezels


When I have bezels that are not smooth all the way around, it is
generally attributed to one of these; the bezel was too high for the
cab causing small wrinkles,closing of the bezel was not uniformly
done with a bezel roller, the cab shifted ever so slightly in the
bezel (the bezel being slightly too large), the cab not being
uniform in shape and size.The walls of the bezel not being uniform
in height.There is the chance that the burnisher is not at the
proper angle when closing the bezel.I don’t use a metal burnisher so
I don’t know how this might affect the bezel, but if the metal
burnisher wasn’t smooth enough, perhaps this could cause this
problem. I use a piece of hematite epoxied into the end of a handle
for burnishing my bezels.I have found that seating the cab in the
bezel and making necessary adjustments before closing helps. A bench
tip to aid in this is that I use a piece of heavier strength dental
floss laid across the bezel and seat the cab on top of the floss, so
that if I need to remove a tight fitting cab, I can easily by
pulling on both ends of the floss.I have in recent times begun using
a piece of synthetic sinew (because it will lay flat like the floss)
in the larger bezel cups where a large cab might not be so easy to
lift with dental floss.Another thing I forgot to mention is that the
gauge of silver also affects the smooth fit around the cab. For me
at least, a too heavy a gauge silver makes the smooth fitting around
a small cab harder to obtain. These are just a few of the things
that I’ve had to work through for me. There are probably a number of
others that other members might share. I hope this helps, God bless, John Barton