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How to Get Started in Jewelry Making

Hi all,

I’ve added another Squidoo Lens, this one is:

How to Get Started in Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing

It lists schools, books, answers some basic “What is…” questions,
and includes my lists of what tools beginners need when starting
metals, when starting PMC, and more.

I can always add to it, and am open to suggestions. It is intended to
be an overview and for beginners though. I am not claiming that it is

I also have a couple other relevant resources, if you haven’t seen
them yet:

and one about Squidoo itself…


Hi Elaine,

I just looked at your Squidoo on “How to get started in Jewelry
making and metalsmithing”. I am a newcomer and genuinely self taught
from books although I am now getting very good advice from everyone
on Orchid and have a couple of very good mentors from the forum.

Your link to Art Jewelry didn’t work, but instead took me to some
site selling the domain and I had great difficulty
removing all the rubbish spam screens offering me prizes that
subsequently appeared on my laptop from the site. Don’t know whether
you can fix it or not but thought I’d let you know before it
irritated too many other people. I know it’s not your fault and your
Squidoo is fabulous and very informative.