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How to get someone overseas to pay

Does anyone have advice regarding how to get an overseas buyer to
pay? I have a situation where someone owes me money but is not
paying. In this country i could threaten to report them to the Better
Busineee Bureau, however i do not know how to handle such a situation
overseas…please help!!

Laura Jackson
Laura J. Designs

Two things come to mind, the first sell the debt to a collections
agency and let them worry about recouping the money, or two contact
a lawyer/solicitor in the debtor’s country of residence to handle the
matter. I’m not a lawyer so there are probably other options etc.


This is a cautionary tale. I know this won’t help in this situation;
but don’t send anything that is not fully paid for.

The bottom line, in all probability, is that you’ve been had.

Contact the United States Embassy ( in that
particular country, or here in the states. They do have facilities
to help you with this, granted its not a free service. Good luck and
Happy Holidays,