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How to get rid of really old mfrging equipment

A client called me, he bought an old jewelry manufacturing company
in San Francisco and is closing it, moving a few things to his retail

He wants to know WHERE he can sell this stuff. BIG heavy equipment:

several 50 ton presses
Lathes used to cut dies
Die striking machines
Huge 5 rows die library (3")
WWII vintages electric hacksaw

This kind of stuff.

I told him try eBay and if not call a scrap yard who might come get
it, take it a way for free and maybe even get a few bucks for it.

Any Suggestions?

David Geller


Thats all valuable stuff.

It all aught to go to someone that wants to do minting. The dies
alone are worth thousands of dollars. Then theres the press tools to
go with them.

fly presses etc are so useful.

A die making machine ie a 3d die sinking Alexander, or Talor Hobson
or Deckel are also worth thousands.

Just try and buy one.

Big tools like this are the key to making stuff you cant do at a
bench with hand tools.

I bought just a setup in 1987 here in the UK. I paid scrap price
plus 10% but with the promise id use it all.

The old chap wasnt well, he didnt see the outcome of my
investment.He died 6 months later.

It opens the door to making things you cant do any other way. To give
you just one example, The die striking machine I bought I made fully
transportable. In 1989 I took it to the Great Dorset Steam fair,
attendance some 30,000 people.

I minted on site 1000 plaques over 5 days for the event., Sold off
the hammer. they were queing up for them.

Almost a licence to print money.

With this tooling ive here, I also make buttons brooches, buckles. Rings
pendants. All die struck, blanked and also enamelled, coins medals and

Id like to see pictures of the machines. Happy to advise any one
interested in these tools. Pay my travelling and ill be there!!.

IN Dorset

It would be a shame to see that equipment go to scrap :frowning:

Do you have technical museums that accept donations?

Regards Charles A.

Gold International Machinery Corporation specializes in used jewelry
manufacturing equipment. They are located in Pawtucket, R.I.

There are companies that clear factories and workshops of machine
tooling. Because a lot of cost is incurred in moving it you wont get
fortunes for your stuff but you will get something. Sometimes these
companies act as brokers so you end up with a sealed bid auction.

Nick Royall

I put a notice on the ArtMetal site. To me, there are folks looking
for biggish presses, lathes, striking machines, etc… just need
to find them and they your client. I wouldn’t get rid of this
equipment too fast.

john dach

Online Auction Services for Metalsmiths

Are you a jeweler looking to liquidate your workshop due to a
debilitating illness? Perhaps you’re the widow of a silversmith who
needs help selling big, heavy tools, but doesn’t want to deal with
people coming to your home and disturbing your privacy. Gold
Machinery, one of the largest new and used machinery dealers in the
world catering to the jewelry and silver industries, is offering its
services to do all the work for you, even the crating and shipping of
items that have sold. They have an enormous database of individuals
and companies from around the globe who will bid on your tools. All
they’ll need are clear, high-definition images to upload to their
auction site.

For more contact:

David Gold
Gold International Machinery Corp.
136 Newell Ave.
Pawtucket, RI 02860
401-724-3200, 800/619-GOLD, Fax: 401/728-5770

Jeff Herman

That is unlikely. I hunted all over Northern California some years
back trying to find a home for a huge, heavy board planer set up to
do redwood planks. It was built right after the Civil War and
originally worked with a steam engine. But no one was interested in
big, heavy machinery. Well, now, is the exploratorium still in
existance? Perhaps they would set up a display to show kids (and
kids at heart) how jewelry is stamped out.

Rose Alene


I may know one of the past employees of that factory… still lives
in the city of SF and is still active in die cutting for jewelry
stamping to some degree.

Send me an email and I may be able to help your client.

Ric Furrer


I would consider first checking out

they have hundreds of equipment Auction Houses around the country and
overseas as well that deal in manufacturing equipment
liquidations…It would be the place to tell your client to begin to
look for a reputable auctioneer in your area dealing in precisely
the kinds of things your client wants to sell…Some are live auctions
( buyers go to the facility) some are live and on-line, and some are
solely on-line depending on the client’'s preferences…The auction
houses aren’t “grocery” type auctioneers selling lots off trucks on
a friday night in the boonies but companies forced to close, simply
retiring or are IRS forced sales…all are licensed and bonded, and
the usual comissions apply in all auctions.Heavy equipment requires
a certain type of auction house that knows their shipping fees and
carriers- yet another reason to send the clinet there so the items
aren’t limited to local pick-ups only…rer

You can try Jack DaSilva in the east bay, or his wife Marilyn, at
the California college of Arts and Crafts )) I think they changed the
name since i lived there.

Contact the metals museum in Memphis TN. They have lots of space and
lots of old heavy equipment.

The old lady in Florida