How to Finish pure silver

Hello everyone,

I have been playing around with pure silver and I really like it. No firescale, stronger joints (fused), and it works like butter. I am however, having trouble getting a good finish on it. I file it the sand it like normal and then burnish it with an agate burnisher. It gets somewhat shiny but the surface is streaky and not perfect. Am I not burnishing correctly or with the right burnsiher? Do I need to use a polishing mop afterwards? If so, with what compound? (Platinum compound?)

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Tumbler with mixed stainless steel shot worked well to burnish. It will scratch easily, so keeping the finish is hard. And any cut/ sharp corner details can be lost , rounded off if you tumble too long.


Ok thanks.

I hammer fine silver sheet into bowls etc. For finishing I use files, sandpaper, then an ordinary buffing machine with rouge or other polishing compounds. The tumbler below has alternate hammer-finished and polished rings.