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How to find an good rep


Hey all- I’m looking for an experienced rep/rep’s to service the
accounts I have established and to seek out new opportunities. Does
anyone have any advice on where I would look or advertise? And what
should I look for. Should they represent jewelers with work similar to
mine or other fine craft artists as well? Whats the standard cut
thats fair? Who pays for the spendy samples that they must carry or
can they work from a catalog? Thanks so much for again sharing any



Many of the trade shows have a bulletin board where you can advertise
and look for reps. You can also look or advertise in the back of
jewelry trade magazines such as National Jeweler, Another magazine is
Accents or Accessories. Check out the trade magazines that are
delivered to the gift show and accessory shows in New York City. The
reps are usually given their samples from my experience and a good rep
can work from samples and a catalogue. But they do need some samples
so the clients can see the quality of work.

Diane Sadel