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How to find an employer's origin of posting, tip on finding a jeweler

Hello fellow Orchidians,

I would like to add to Karen Goeller’s message concerning that those
of you posting job offers state your place of business. There is
another way for those job seekers who want to know the origin of the
post. You can download VisualRoute from their site at .

This program is a trial version good for a month and will find the
city from which the post was made. Note that it will ONLY find the
city and state so privacy is well assured by the sender.

Also, for employers seeking someone to fill a position in their
business, may I recommend that you post your ’ job position
available’ to the America’s JobBank site at .

This is a site used by state unemployment offices who no longer use
the archaic ALEX system.

Warm regards,

Daniel Biery
Master Goldsmith
Industrial Designer