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How to etch copper tubing

I found the easiest way to seal the tube is to use a hot wax gun. Works every time. And is easy to remove.

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Wax works, but easier and faster is plasticine clay. Just stuff the ends of the tube with clay and etch away! Then push it out or heat the tube slightly and it will slip out.

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Please email me at, off of Orchid

Brenda, You can use resist on the inside of the copper tube and then scrub it off with a small toothbrush when you scrub off the resist on the outside. Maggie Myers

Would love more info on your book. Live on a lake with septic so worry about ferric chloride and drinking from well.

Hello Alheilman,
I am sorry I didn’t see your message earlier, the new format of Orchid doesn’t forward them to me anymore. While the salt water etching is safer, it will still have dissolved copper solids that should NOT be pour down a sink (septic or not). It is best to allow to evaporate or pour in kitty litter.

The great thing about Galvanic etching for either silver or copper/brass/nickle (two different formulas), is that it does not expire or reduce with use. The solution will need to be strained, but the silver formula allows you to recycle the solids.

If you are still interested, I can email you the PDF, let you read it and if you decide it is worth $10 you can send me a check.

My email is

Hi @FSGmetal - you would be notified only if the person replied to you, or if the person “@mentioned” you. It looks like you were replied to, so you should have gotten an email… any issues email us ""

Thanks Seth, I received an email. New system is great!