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How to detach epoxied pieces

Howdy Kristin, Architectural glass artists now mostly use the UV
curing adhesives(similar to the newer bonding/filling substances used
by dentists) that would require a UV light source or ,perhaps, bright
sunlight. The uspide to these adhesives is availability in several
’viscosities’ and some with a relatively high refractive index.(this
helps keep the glue ‘invisible’). The downside to any really good
adhesive is the ‘debonding’ technique. You use the term ‘delicately’.
Well, neither heat nor a solvent will mechanically shock a glass test
tube. If you debond epoxy or CA (or almost any glue I guess)with heat
avoid breathing the vapors. If you use ‘Attack’(methylene chloride?)
acetone, nitromethane or some other slovent/caustic substance you
should also be very careful. You don’t say what is glued to the test
tube so testinng the glue AND the debonding procedureon a couple of
’sacrificial’ units would be a good idea. We faceters would love a
water resistant, temperature stable, rigid adhesive with an 'on-off’
switch. So far, the ‘off’ part has been elusive. Carl 1 Lucky Texan