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How to create a 4-claw setting in a wedding band!


I’m at it again, giving everyone a chance to “Create a 4-claw setting from a 'semi-round wedding band”.

When this setting is completed, no one would know it was just a plain ring from the start. In this demonstration, I’ve selected two rings, the first was fraught with so many mistakes, I chose to keep this item. This is just to explain what CAN happen if the slightest error is not dealt with. I used many stones of different qualities and shapes just to explore problems before they occur.

Go to my latest technical essay and have fun reading and maybe learn a thing or two…:>)


Jerry, I want to send you my thanks from the west coast for all you do to help others have a path perhaps a little easier by sharing what you have learned. Many, many thanks!!


So many thanks for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated. You haven’t even seen the list of topics still to write about! I have 10 more being now prepared!

Today, I’m starting a new essay on using a “Florentine” graver.

The temperature over here is slowly dropping, Yuk! Fondest regards, EH!

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