How to clean tarnished silver w/semi-precious stones

Ringman - is the purple tarnish remover from Swest safe to use with
the softer stones or dyed ones? And what about pearls? Gini

Hello Gini: I have used it with pearls and with many stones that would
be found in silver jewelry without adverse affects. If silver is left
in the solution for many hours it will dull the surface. Also an
important note, when used on hollow beads care must be taken to insure
all the solution is washed out or it can irritate the skin.

Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA

Hello, Ringman - thanks for your reply Re: silver tarnish remover. A
lot of my work is fabricated hollow forms. So do you think that
baking soda/water soak will neutrilize the tarnish remover? Am
amazed that it won’t hurt pearls, turqouise, etc! Gini