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How to add wire trim to a cuff bracelet?

Good Morning everyone. Wondering if anyone can advise me on a
technique to add a wire trim to the edges my cuff bracelets ? Add
before forming or after?

Best, gail

The simple stupid answer is yes. The effects on the trim will be
different depending on whether it is attached before or after
forming the bracelet, but both will work.


Hi Gail,

Ive looked at what you do and like it.

So ill point you in the right direction.

Go into your kitchen, look in your cupboard for metal screw topped
jam jars.

Take off the lid and look how the edge is made.

Theres your answer. you do it cold from the cuff metal itself. You
can do this with a chasing hammer in the grooves of a tinmans stake.
Let us know how you get on.

Experiment all the time!!

The best way that I have found, is to add the wire before forming it.
It’s too difficult to form the wire to match the bracelet. Not to
mention, you would anneal the bracelet and make it very soft and not
very cuff-like.

Kevin Potter