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How much to pay rep?


For those of you out there who use jewelry reps, I need to pick your
brains. How much do you pay a jewelry rep? Do you have a different
rate for mass produced things vs. one-of-a-kind things? How do you
handle repeat orders that come in from a gallery they visited? Is
there a sliding scale for large sales or for repeat orders? Any
other things that are important to take into consideration? Thanks,


Please forgive me as I have tried to post questions on Orchid and I
guess I don’t have the mental facilities to do this. Please help.
I had asked the question, How do I get a rep a week ago and it never
posted. How did you get your rep? I am interested to hear the
answers to your question. When I read the input I feel very
inadequate! I live in California and don’t even know where to start
looking for a red. Do you have any advise? Thank you and again I
am sorry for the inappropriate way of asking this question. Lori


when it comes to commissions each case and each item can function
separately and should. it all depends on your margins and
competition (what else is happening in the market). from experience
the two motivators for sales people are (and in this order): 1. how
easy it is to sell the product. 2. how high is the commission. haim


I’ve never heard of a difference percentage for different lines but
the norm for “art jewelry” is 15%.