How much to charge for ring resizing

One thing that often comes up with inexpensive silver jewelry is that the charge to size a silver ring could far outweigh the original cost. If a ring costs $25-$40 new, but it costs $100 in labor to size it that person isn’t going to be happy.

I just helped a student yesterday size a really thick silver ring with a bezel set human molar. Kinda weird, but hey, it was his dream. He submerged the bezel set tooth in water and even with the Little Torch rosebud tip, he was never able to get it hot enough. I had to step in and help.

I ground and cleaned the solder pick down to clean metal. I melted a decent amount of silver solder onto the solder pick, so I didn’t have to worry about the solder bouncing around or to fall off. It took a while, but I waited for the flux to turn glassy, then melted a bit of solder onto the ring. My first goal was just to get some solder tack melted onto the ring. Once a bit of solder was slightly melted to the ring, I got a second torch and went at it with two torches. Eventually the solder flowed into the joint and all was well, but the student was surprised by how much time and extra effort that it took.

Sizing silver rings with stones is almost always more challenging than gold rings.

My old boss often said, “No good deed, goes unpunished.” You deserve to get paid whatever you think is a fair price.

Good luck Julie!



Yep, Kay Jewelers did that. I bought my mom a mothers ring and she gets lifetime cleaning, resizing etc


I just returned from a welding shop that welded a crack in a rototiller handlebar shaft. A two inch weld cost me $100. They were not the least bit shy in asking for that.

Neil A

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Neil…I have a MIG welder in my garage that I haven’t done anything worth $100 with since I bought it. You should buy one and keep it in your garage too, at least you might get some use out of it. Actually, I did use it once to weld a bunch of trellises out of EMT and steel wire concrete reinforcing mats. Lots of fun…Rob