How is it formed


Thanks for your suggestion too. I had thought of filing the inside as
you say but forming the band with the outside cuve remaining when it
is made of thin copper strips is also part of the problem. filing the
whole lot to make the required marquise section would end up with
metal so thin at the edges it would probably split and fall apart.
Thanks for taking the trouble to answer my post.



Thanks for your suggestion. That sounds good. I’ve never heard of
‘Woods Metal’.

Do you know where I could get some?

I thought of putting up a picture of it somehow but other than adding
an attachment, which Orchid doesn’t accept, I didn’t know how to do
it. I’m not sufficiently computer savvy when it comes to putting
things on the web. But you’ve certainly understood my description and
I think your advice would solve the problem - just have to get hold
of a low melting point core material.

Thank you

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Hi Collette,

Thanks for your suggestion. That sounds good. I've never heard of
'Woods Metal'. Do you know where I could get some? 

Not knowing where you are it’s a bit difficult to suggest a
supplier. It’s not particularly cheap stuff, but you use it over and
over again, so once purchased you’ve got it forever. I Googled a bit
for “Wood’s Metal” supplier and came up with

Chemical supply houses may also be able to help.

Regards, Gary Wooding


If you google for Cerrosafe you’ll find a number of sources. It is a
bismuth based alloy that melts in boiling water and might be the same
as Woods Metal. It is used quite extensively by gunsmiths for making
castings of chambers and other internal areas of firearms.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV

Do you know where I could get some? ['Woods Metal']


Wood’s metal is also sold under the trade name Cerrobend. I’ve had
better luck googling that, than looking for Wood’s metal.


According to Wikipedia (which is often correct, but not always),
Wood’s Metal is toxic because it contains lead and cadmium. Field’s
Metal is a non-toxic alternative that becomes liquid at approximately
62 C (144 F). It is a alloy of bismuth, indium and tin. It is used
for die casting and easy prototyping.