How best to sell pendants

Hi David

I find pendants are often my best sellers at art events. People like
to be able to try them on, so having a mirror handy is a must.
Display them hanging so customers can see that they are well balanced
and hang well. I presume when they are designed the artist has
thought about what they will best hang on - cable necklet, chain,
wire, cord etc. so have a selection of these in different lengths
available for sale with the pendants. Customers don’t always want
the one you think best complements the pendant. Display the prices.
People here tend to assume they are going to be too expensive if the
price isn’t shown.

Well that’s from my experience here in the UK. But then you may be
talking about a totally different market and no doubt you will get
other advice too.

Best wishes
Collette (UK)