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How are filigree balls manufactured?


I need to make some silver filigree ball stick pins for a client
based on a sample they showed me. Balls are 10-15 mm in diameter.

Does anyone know of any manufacturers or suppliers of silver
filigree ball findings or know the manufacturing process? ie: are
they cast in pieces and then soldered together? or the waxes
assembled first, then cast? etc, etc.



10-15 mm seems quite large. Is it 1.0-1.5 mm? If so, you are probably
referring to the process called granulation, which is typically the
fusing of small silver balls to a back sheet (or similar). If you
search granulation on orchid web site, you’ll find lots of info. My
personal preference is granulation with Argentium, instead of fine
silver. Make the granules by balling up small pieces of Argentium.
Clean the destination surface, properly support the piece (Argentium
sags), position the granules, flux, and put the torch to it. Watch
for the “flash” or the “glistening” and you’re done. Practice a
couple times and you’ll be a pro.



Angelo -

There’s a project of making a filigree ball on Victoria Lansford’s
DVD on Russian filigree.

Unless you are really good at wax carving, I would say this is the
way to go.

Good luck,
Kelley Dragon