Housing for Tucson

I live near Tucson and would like to offer the use of my house (with
a private bedroom and bath) to an Orchidian couple during the gem
show(s). I am 20 minutes from Tucson in a beautiful area called
Green Valley, a wonderful resort-like community. You would have
access to 12 swimming pools and spas, fitness studios, tennis courts,
7 golf courses, and 3 lapidary and jewelry shops, and would be
welcome to stay before and/or after the gem show.

I would particularly like to make this offer to someone from New
Zealand who could return the favor of a place to stay for a 2 to 3
week visit when I (and wife) come to visit New Zealand. Hoping to
work out a mutually beneficial agreement, especially to someone who
would be on the edge of affording a trip to Tucson, and who could
equally assist us to afford a nice visit to NZ.

We are hoping to follow with a trip to Australia. So Aussies also
are welcome to discuss this.

Anyone interested in following up on this can contact me off-line:

Gregor Weitzel