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Hot work platinum?

i hot forge and hot twist- non ferrous metals - but have never hot
worked platinum.

which alloy or pure platinum would be best?

great thanks to the orchid community. i enjoy reading and have
learned so much from this forum.

john swan sheeran

Hello John, I have been forging platinum alloyed with iridium for
many years. Just don’t get the hot metal too close to the pliers. If
you like, you can make sleeves for the pliers you use for forging;
this will prevent contamination of the platinum.

Have fun. Tom Arnold

Pure Pt is very soft, akin to pure gold. Most Pt jewellery alloys are
(UK) 95% Pt and alloyed with a range of other elements including Pd,
Ag, Au and Cu. Any alloy with these components will be fine, try to
avoid alloys with Ge, Si and Ga in as they are designed for casting
and suffer from embrittlement.