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Hot to make a Wax Injector?


I need help finding how to make a wax injector that works I also need
help on burrs there are so many



Dan, I have a set of plans for a wax injector it is 6 pages and in
TIFF format . If you would like me to send it to you contact me at Anyone else ?


D. Anders, I’d offer a catalog of burrs, but it sounds like youve got

Questions a salesperson should ask you are these.

What material are you cutting/polishing? What power source and RPM
capability are you using? Any shank size limitations? Budget?

Plenty of good injectors out there, depending on your demands/volume
of production. We run ours off duffle-bag size air tanks, and there
are hand-pressured models. Manufacturers will compete for our - and
your - dollar. Good luck.


I have a friend that mad his wax injector from an old pressure

Timothy A. Hansen