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Hot or Not Categories

It seems many years there is a hot category at the Holiday Season.
One year Rubies, the next gold, another maybe earrings. More often
than not I’m unprepared for a rush on any one particular type of
thing. I try to be wide and maybe not so deep.

I’ve been hearing from jewelry reps that bracelets are very slow.
Thank you, I have a lot of bracelets this year, which serves to
confirm it I suppose.

I’d like to hear what people think/observed regarding what’s hot and
what’s not this year. One customer told me in her town(next one over)
she doesn’t see people wearing diamond jewelry so much any more,
which surprised me. They wear bead necklaces. I have almost zilch for

I’ve banked on a price point of $1K to $3K, no particular
categories. That’s what people have been spending so far so I’ll ride
the wave. Have to now.

This is the situation where it helps to have ample memo available to

Hi Neil;

Modern Jeweler magazin has an article on that subject in it’s
current issue, and I’m writing one for the next issue of Jewelry in
Fashion Trends. Ask 10 different people what sells, you’ll probably
get 10 different answers. Here’s my 2 cents in an overview. There’s
been an appearance of a new, niche market. It’s quality merchandise
and service. Think I’m being cute? I’m dead serious. There’s a lot of
junk out there, even expensive junk. I’ve never seen so much bad
design, bad use of materials, etc., and I’m getting horror stories
from new customers about the hack jewelers and chain stores that just
don’t give a hoot about service.

My best advice is, don’t try to find out “what sells”. Everything
and anything sells, just look at Ebay. Do the best work you can, take
care of your customers like they’re lifelong friends, and find the
market for what you’re good at and enjoy making. Create a network of
jeweler friends and get a digital image inventory of your wares to
exchange. If you don’t have it and so-and-so does, have them drop
ship it to you, split the margin between you. This takes a lot of
trust and good will among you, but we need to pull together in this
very flakey market. High end store sales are up, but right behind
them are the designer/craftsperson independants. Our turn to shine.
Good luck this season, everybody.

David L. Huffman