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Hot Nitrogen Gas Soldering Iron


I am market researching whether “Hot Nitrogen Gas Soldering
Iron” can be used as a jewel making tool. Compressed air goes
through gas permeable menbrane then the outlet gas becomes 99.7%
nitrogen. This is fed to a special designed hand solder like a
small gas torch. Presently, this can blow pin pointed hot
nitrogen gas as high as 900 degree F and it can be much higher if
demand exists.


Please describe lots more about this new way of soldering!
(sounds like a nice oxygen free, low firescale atomosphere).


Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada

I am market researching whether "Hot Nitrogen Gas Soldering
Iron" can be used as a jewel making tool.

G’day; I for one am greatly intrigued by this concept, and I am
sure some of the others will be too. I take it that the membrane
pores are big enough to allow nitrogen through, but not big
enough for the O2 molecule, so separating the gases? What
pressure must the input air be to force it through such small
pores? Is there a pre-filter to remove dust and so avoid
clogging? How is the input gas heated? - is there a website
where we could see a picture?

I remember being attached to an oxy/nitrogen device when I was
a patient in an ambulance once, and after operations in the
hospital. I couldn’t do a proper examination of the machine -
they wouldn’t let me out of bed! And the nurses knew nothing
interesting about it. But I am sure the pressure wasn’t very
high, and am sure the oxygen it was feeding me had been separated
from air.

So Please, Kaz, tell us more; you’ve got me going!! Cheers

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At sunny Nelson NZ