Hospital oxygen

There just happens to be a great thread on this subject on the
hotglass mailing list I’m on. Many glass workers are starting
to look at these for cheaper a way to get oxy. These units do
work by using a molecular sieve to filter out nitrogen from the
atmosphere giving the user almost pure oxy (90-95%). The
problem most have stated it the fact that they run at around
4lbs max. There have been posts from those who do use them and
swear they work, but this would only be good for very small
items. I guess they are easy to aquire for cheap if you get a
used one, (they usually just throw 'em away) You might have to
do some sweet talking. I guess they are illegal to sell for
reuse medicinally so they might cut the main power cord off
(easy to fix). Some have talked about teaming up a couple to
get more pressure, I don’t know if this would work though.
Well, thats about all I know. If you are looking for more info
I can ask the folks on the hot glass list.

Hope that helps a lil’

Jeff Cleveland aka JevFro
505 E. 3rd
Ellensburg, Washington 98926