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[Hong Kong] Jewelry Attrcations

Dear Alan;

You will find a lot of wholesalers of pearls, rough material,
findings, jewelry etc. at:

	Focal Industrial Center,
	21 Man Lok St.
	Hung Hom, Kowloon Hong-Kong

You might also wish to get hold on the “Jewelry and Gemstone Directory
of Asia” Book Published yearly by “Jewelry News Asia”


I’m heading to Hong Kong for about a week, and I was wondering if
anyone has any tips for places to visit there for jewelry-related
things. Any suggestions for places to buy gems (rough or finished),
jewelry, jewelry exhibits, etc. would be appreciated.

If you think it would clog up the mailing list too much, please feel
free to contact me off-list at @Alan_Derr.

Thanks in advance,

Alan Derr
Alpha Designs
Westford, MA USA