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Homemade vibratory tumble

Hello Orchid Guys and Dolls,

I know how you guys love to save money…so here is something that
might interest you. I found a link to making your own vibratory
tumbler (assuming you havn’t already been down this road). Here it

I go to a lot of auctions and you can pick up motors all day long
for $1.00. For instance, I made my buffer from a 3/4 hp motor I
picked for $1.00 at an auction. I spent less than $15.00 on the whole
thing after buying the spindles. I mounted it on a really groovy
shabby chic deco cabinet I got at auction for $1.00 and we made a
dust collector for it. I keep all my polishing stuff inside the
cabinet. It’s the bomb!

We have a joke around here…my fiance says “Honey can make
anything she needs from a 5 gallon pail filled with rusty nails,
rocks and broken glass”. What have other people made for next to
nothing? Did anyone make their own tumbler, and if so, does it do the